***कृष्णस्तु भगवान स्वयं ***

***कृष्णस्तु भगवान स्वयं ***

Saturday, June 7, 2014

***Love and devotion for God***

When love and devotion are combined, 
that is the supreme form of expression toward God.
Love and devotion for God is something I can talk about day and night and never end. It is something very intoxicating, very solacing. The Lord says, Ican give you salvation if you make the effort; but I cannot give My love and devotion, for if I give that away I become poor. This is the treasure of God, His very essence. It is so all-fulfilling.

***When you think of God as your Friend ***

***When you think of God as your Friend ***

When you think of God as your Friend, that relationship expresses the grandest form of love and devotion. Friendship is the touchstone by which we may know the purity of any relationship, human or divine. It has the sweetness of all forms of love without their contamination. In parental love there is a compulsion of nature; and in all other forms of human love there is some selfish compulsion—but not in true friendship. When you speak of a sibling and say, "He is my brother," that means he is born of the same parents and you have to love him as such. But when you say of another, "He is my friend," that means you offer to him your love that is pure and unconditional—that you have freely chosen to give your love to him.
A friend may be like a father or a mother to us, or a faithful confidant and supporter. In all human relations God has tried to express His love for us. So look to Him as your Divine Friend, the one you freely choose to love unconditionally and who loves you eternally. Such was the relationship between the devotee Arjuna and his intimate Divine Friend Lord Shri Krishna, Supreme Lord in whom Arjuna saw the Infinite incarnate. Through his devout, worshipful friendship, he received enlightenment and liberation from the Supreme Lord as his Divine Friend Shri Krishna.
In the friendship relationship with God, there is both devotion and love: the reverence of worship and the consummation of union. Love is complete surrender.

Devotion says "I adore YOU"; love says "Oh My Lord You and I are One."


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

***True Essence of KARMAYOGA as simplified by LORD SHRI KRISHNA***

***True Essence of KARMAYOGA as simplified by LORD SHRI KRISHNA***

You can reach spiritual perfection by honestly doing whatever duty is yours in life.This is a true worship of GOD.

Lord Shri Krishna lives within all of us and guides us to work out our own Karma.Put forth your best effort,and gladly accept the results as His Will.This is called surrendering to God or giving up the ego.The gift of spiritual knowledge is the best gift because the absence of spiritual knowledge is the cause of all evil in the world.Spreading spiritual knowledge is the highest devotional service to Lord Shri Krishna.

Everlasting peace and wealth are possible when you do your duty well and also have the spiritual knowledge given in the Holy Gita by Lord Shri Krishna.

Lord Shri Krishna said that there is no real difference between a Karmayogi and  Sannyasi.A Karmayogi gives up the selfish attachment to the  fruits of work,whereas a Sannyasi does not work for any personal gain at all.

There are two types of pleasures---helpful and harmful.Society has different work to suit different people.One should choose work wisely.You can get God-realisation while living in society by following the three =D’s=





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