***कृष्णस्तु भगवान स्वयं ***

***कृष्णस्तु भगवान स्वयं ***

Monday, May 19, 2014

***God of Love- Shri Krishna***

***God of Love- Shri Krishna*** 
 God of Love- Shri Krishna is inherent in every individual soul. Due to forgetfulness of our relation with Sree Krishna, we are enveloped by the illusory energy consisting of three primal qualities— Rajah, Sattva and Tamah and pass through cycles of births, deaths and threefold afflictions. An illustration of magnet and iron is given to understand it easily. Love for God is not to be borrowed from somebody, only it is to be awakened by the company of pure bona fide devotee. We have got our actual, eternal, all kinds of love relations with Krishna. When we forget the actual relation with Krishna, we are under the false egos of this material world, having false material relations and false interests. So we find, everywhere in the Prison House— this world, severe clashing of interests. This is the greatest infliction of punishment on conditioned souls for their aversion to Supreme Lord Shri Krishna. 

Let us surrender to Shri Krishna's Lotus soft feet

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