***कृष्णस्तु भगवान स्वयं ***

***कृष्णस्तु भगवान स्वयं ***

Saturday, May 3, 2014

***कृष्णस्तु भगवान स्वयं *** ***KRISHNASTU BHAGWAN SAWAM ***

***कृष्णस्तु भगवान स्वयं ***

If we accept the concept of Bhagawan, then we have to accept the concept of 'bhaga' also. If we use word 'dhanawan' (wealthy), but exclude the word 'dhana' (wealth), then the word 'dhanawan' becomes meaning less. It is the same situation with 'bhaga' and 'bhagawan'. He who possesses dhana (wealth) is dhanawan. Similarly, He who possesses bhaga is Bhagawan. Bhaga means majesty (aishwarya) or potency (shakti). Therefore, Bhagawan is He who possesses majesty and potency. The word Bhagawan does not specifically define the type of potency or energy involved. Therefore, Bhagawan is He who possesses all kinds of potencies or energies that could possibly exists. Thus Bhagawan is the Omnipotent one, As per Vishnu Purana (6.5.47), One who possesses all majesty or wealth, all potency or strength, all fame, all beauty, all knowledge and all renunciation is known as Bhagawan.
Everything is the Grace of Bhagwan. Everything is the Paramartha (supreme). Everything is rasa (sweetness), sukha (happiness) and jeevan (life). Narayana!
There is no place for other. There is no scope for fear. Everything is the form of the Parameshwara. Nothing exists, except the Parameshwara

We, the souls are the servants of Lord Krishna eternally. In the seventh chapter of Bhagwad Geeta Lord Krishna explains that soul is part of my potency. This means soul is servitor of Super-soul. Soul was servitor of Lord, soul is servitor of Lord and soul will remain servitor of Lord. All scriptures and pure devotees of Lord certify and declare openly this truth. One must understand that by staying in this material world and forgetting the super-soul, this servitor of Lord suffers from threefold misery. When this soul (servitor of Lord) serves the Lord, or practice devotional process for Lord, he remains in transcendental ecstasy and he is not bothered by any threefold miseries. One who attains this exalted state of devotion is instantly liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

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  1. A Message full of Love that filled my heart with Eternal joy!!!
    from Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
    Salutations to the Lord of Love and Bliss. He indeed is Total. Complete. There is no facet human or divine that is not in Krishna. this is a lovely blog, and affirms the eternal Truth beyond time and space, Keep writing Nupur Gupta, let the space be filled with the energy of His Praise! For He alone deserves it ALL!! Love and bliss,
    Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari



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